Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Old man

Yesterday my amazing husband turned 33 years old! His parents are in town for Thanksgiving and they offered to take him out to dinner at the restaurant of his choice. What did he choose? Chucky Cheese! He said that the kids would have more fun there. I think that is just a testament to the kind of father than he is. His joy comes from his childrens happiness. And also he is a big kid himself and while we were there, he racked up 600 tickets for the kids to trade in for prizes.

You know what I just realized? I've knows Jeff since he was 25! In January it will be 7 years of being married to him...that is crazy! That is like real deal married. That's like living in suburbia and having a third kid crazy.

Kimberly, bless her heart, made Daddy a birthday card while she was at school today. The cover said, "I love you DaD" She drew a heart and a green dollar underneath that. On the inside it said, "Happy Brthday DaD. You are lucey that you have me!" When Jeff read it outloud he burst into laughter and said, 'Yes love, I am very lucky to have you!'

Sunday, November 23, 2008


OMG I just got back from seeing Twilight and i am sooo happy! I loved the movie and Edward was sexy/scary/sweet/brooding...perfect! I didn't like Bella in the previews but she was a great fit I think. I have heard some bad reviews but I think it is only because people are expecting it to be another Harry Potter or something. I must say that I loved it! I am even more in love with Edward and I can't wait to see a more grown up Jacob in future movies. He is a hottie. TEAM JACOB! Or maybe TEAM EDWARD! Can't I have them both?

And now we wait.

I've temped, I've tested with ovulation predictor kits and I've done what people do when they are trying to get pregnant. I ovulated on Friday, and now all that I can do is wait. It's sort of weird thinking that there are millions of little swimmers in me trying to find my bizarre! I'm sort of thinking that this is not the month for baby number 3, but we will just have to wait and see. :D

Yesterday I was a sneaky wife. Jeff's birthday is this week and I had a little surprise party for him. I had my neighbors Dr. N and Joerilla get Jeff out of the house for about an hour while I had the girls come over and help me set up, make enchiladas, and Patty even swept my floor! :D He was so surprised when he walked in the house! The look on his face was so cute. I will post pictures later when I get them from Patty.

My in laws will be here soon and I still have so much to do so I will keep this post short and sweet...have a great Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I think...

I think I have a Tween on my hands. Well, Kimmy-girl is only 6, but I just caught her mesmerized in front of the tv watching a Jonas Brothers music video.

She said, "Mom...these boys...they sing this hear this song right now Mommy? It's called Lovebug...just like Daddy calls me Lovebug."

OMG how friggin cute it that? She likes a boyband, hee hee. I like these boys. One of the lines in the song is, "modesty is just so hard to find". Awww, someone actually encouraging that Modest is Hottest. I just watched her bobbing her little head the the music with her little ankles crossed on the sofa. Awww, six year olds rock.

This new interest is helpful because I need ideas on what to get her for Christmas. She's just not really into much of anything...CD's and a cd player for her room it is!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Going green...and I'm a happy evil republican

I know that I'm not even pregnant yet, but I have made a decision for my new baby to be! Let me back up a little. I feel a little guilty. I *totally* want a third baby, but does that put me into the 'breeder' category? Am I one of those jerks that is carelessly overpopulating this precious Earth we live on? Yes, yes I am a jerk. Actually, to be completely honest I was okay with never having another bio kid. Jeff and I were looking into foster care because I wanted more kids in my home and there are so many in need.

I went to the first Foster care information meeting and I decided that as much as I wanted a baby, I was more interested in an older child. I felt greedy wanting a baby when so many people do turn to foster care when private adoption of a baby is too expensive. I decided on a child between the ages of 3 and 7. Then I got cold feet. Sorry to be blunt, but my main concern was that I didn't want an older child to act out sexually against my children. My kids still are innocent and I plan on keeping it that way. Until they are 30 or so. :D Also, after Jeff agreed to foster kids I think he started thinking of more bio kids. He is adopted and I think that seeing people that are genetically related to him is sort of thrilling. Long story short, we aren't doing foster/adopt for now.

In one fell swoop, I have gone from doing something good for this world, to pillaging its resources and polluting. You all know that laundry is a huge thorn in my side, so cloth diapering has always been out for me. Then I saw this...presenting the flushable gDiaper:

Isn't that so damn cute? Look at that little 'g' yo! Hee heee. Anyway. Anyway gDiapers are sort of like cloth diapers, but they have a plastic liner inside that you tuck a flushable pad into. Voila! Flushable diaper! You can also compost it...but that just makes me laugh hysterically. Flush I can do...compost? Not so much. I went to Whole Foods yesterday and bought a starter pack and they are so cute that I want to eat them! Sheesh!

If I am unfortunately suddenly infertile and never have a third baby, well then...maybe I will give them away. But for now I took at them, and hold them, and read about them online and hold them and stare at them and pat the little invisible baby bottom to be. I'm glad that there is an alternative to adding to diaper hill.


In other great news...Glenn Beck is moving to Fox news in the spring! I have been a fan for a long time and his show was pretty much the only reason I would flip to CNN. I was exasperated when I sat down to watch Glenn Beck one night and he was...gone! I was so sad until I saw him on Bill O'Reilly last week. In all honesty Bill is just snarky and annoying, but I am thrilled that he is going to have Glenn Beck on his show every Friday. just announced that Mr. Beck is going to have his own show starting in the spring. Hip hip hooray! The evil republican in me is happy.

Friday, November 14, 2008

I'm sorry if you have an eye patch but this is too funny not to post:

From Liam :D

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Flirty Girls

Yesterday was the first day of my new exercise regime. Or so I thought. I was all dressed in my Nike workout gear but I couldn't find my damn sneakers. I had to race Kennen off to school, so I just put on my flip flops and decided to come back and search for them after I dropped him off.

I know it shouldn't matter what I wear, but I felt like the hugest poser wearing workout gear and flip flops when I got to preschool. There were lots of Moms going in and out the front doors and most of them were wearing their workout uniforms...complete with sneakers. Oh, and people always look at my feet. I'm very tall and I think they are double checking for high heels or something.

Long story short, I came home and still couldn't find my shoes. I opted not to run in flip flops, so instead I found an exercise video on Comcast on Demand for free! It was "Flirty Girls Booty Shake" It was fun and even though I'm sure I looked like a Giraffe but by the end of it I felt like Britney Spears. How cool! I can dance and pretend that I'm not an old lady that never goes out past 7pm*. I want to do this every day!

Um yeah. Apparently I am too old to be cool. I woke up at 5am with a huge back spasm! I could not fucking move and every time I tried it was soooo painful! I popped 4 motrin and I can at least sit up enough to order my kids around. I guess this means no more 'Booty Shake' video's for this old lady.

*actually I did go out past 7pm last night...we have a new Walmart in town. It was glorious! Beautiful! Clean! Not full of...all those kinds of people that usually shop at Walmart. I think I might actually be able to shop there from now on! Jeff is happy. He is sick of me only going to Sams Club.

Monday, November 10, 2008

ctrl C ctrl V

I copied and pasted this from my trying to conceive message board:

I was talking to my husband earlier today and he mentioned that he has a business trip next week. Ack! I told him he had to be home because I was going to ovulate around the time he was going to be out of town. Being the understanding wife that I am (ha!) I just told him that we would dtd the morning before he left, and then the night he got home 3 days later and that it should be fine.

Well, he just called me and he is sending his assistant instead! Woo hoo! Not only are we going to have a nice big open window of time for getting busy, but this shows me that he wants this as much as I do. This is our third and at this point I wasn't sure if he was just surrendering like a beaten down man, or if he really wanted this baby as much as I do.

Can I just say I love this man? He is just as nuts as me.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sorry officer!

Last week when Jeff was out of town, I made an impulse purchase. I need a preacher bench/something that will fit in my entryway that I can store my kids shoes and backpacks in. It was pretty much just a knee jerk retail therapy reaction to our new president elect but as soon as I got it home, I realized that it was all wrong and had to be returned.

I packed it back up into my truck and Kennen and I drove the 3 miles down the road. Even though it is the main road in my area, the speed limit is only 35 mph because it is still considered to be in a neighborhood. Led Zeppelin was blaring from the classic rock station and I was...rocking out. I didn't even realize that i was speeding until a police cruiser was suddenly behind me with his lights on. DAMNIT!

I never get out of tickets. Like EVER! And this time I had to. There is just no room in the budget for 'speeding tickets'. I had my window rolled down, engine off and as Deputy Officer Dork walked up I smiled at him in the rear view mirror. As he walked up, I handed him my drivers license and said, "Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry!" He laughed and said that he thought a jet was trying to land on the boulevard with how fast I was going (50-ish mph).

"Are you late for work?"

Me: "No, I am going to Kirklands to return something. I was just listening to a really good song and I didn't realize how fast I was going!"

"What were you listening to?"

"Led Zeppelin..." and with that I turned the volume up and Misty Mountain Hop was still playing on the radio.

He laughed and then said, "Oh I know how that is. I'll be right back."

A few minutes later he came back and gave me a warning! Whew!

"OMG thank you so much! Wow...thanks!"

I called Jeff and told him and he said he was going to take away my keys. :D Hooray!

And just for is Misty Mountain Hop backwards! I'm going to church now, lol.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

I'm better now.

So this is how all you democrats have felt for the last 8 years?

This election made me just sick. I had a few freak out moments yesterday and a full fledged panic attack while I was driving, but all is well now. Obama is my new president. I trust that he will lead this country the right way. And as far as I see can only get better than the mess George W. made.

Nothing made me feel better than my husband though. He talked me off the ledge and told me to just relax. Of course this was coming from a man that was on a Marlin fishing boat in Cabo who himself was very relaxed...but whatevs. I felt better when he told me that no matter what, we-as in our little nuclear family of 4 (5 soon)-will be okay. That he will always make sure we are take care of.

I do have relief in the fact that the choice has been made. Now I just have to learn to accept Obama (and his asinine ideas!!!) Ack sorry...there i go again. And of course I'm sure it is healthy for our country to have periods between reactionary and reform.

So Obama is our president. And our first lady wears ugly dresses. Damn! There I go again. Okay I'm logging off now.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

more election coverage

omg! I am so tense tonight! I can't stand watching...seeing Obama ahead just makes me sick to my stomach.

I am a huge republican (bordering libertarian) and the thought of public healthcare makes my skin crawl. However...there is a small part of me wondering if I will get free maternity care when I get pregnant this month. Hey...if you can't beat them...join them! I am looking forward to my medical care being on the same standard as one would get at the Department of Motor Vehicles. Ugh...i know I am so bitter.

Enough with our new socialist president to be...

I'm gonna have a baby! I have started charting my temps and if you care about that sort of thing, you can click on my fertility friend ticker. Oh yes. You can know when I ovulate if you are interested in that. I looked at the Chinese Lunar calendar predictions to see what it said I would have as far as gender...and it's a girl! You should check out the link. It is fun to see what it predicts for you...any other girl babies out there? I would name her stay with the whole 'K' thing we have going on with our other kids. Hee hee, I am not even pregnant and I'm already naming my child...nice. If it was a boy...I have no K names...any suggestions?

Election day!

Go vote! That's all I have to say about that. :D

Well no, that isn't all. Obama is probably going to win. The republican in me is weeping, but he seems like the least evil democrat. At least it isn't Hilary. *shudder*

In the spirit of re-immersing myself into all things baby related...I am going on a playdate today.


Okay scratch the playdate. I was driving to a pumpkin patch farm to meet up with my Moms group. It was supposed to be hours of hayrides, corn stalk mazes and a picnic under a shady oak tree. Instead I started driving toward the country and I heard, 'Urp,' come from the backseat that was quickly followed by crying from my son. I look back and Kennen is covered in vomit! Ugh. I calm him down and we talk about how we can clean his clothes. We can clean the car. We can clean his body. Being covered in puke really messes with the psyche of my little perfectionist son.

Blech. The whole ride home I have the windows down because the smell was making me sick and I was kicking myself for adding sliced banana to his cheerios this morning. You would be surprised how much slime half of a banana can add to the horror going on in the back seat of my truck this morning.

So today my new plan is to surf the net and watch the election all day. woo hoo!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

We have done gone and lost our minds

Jeff and I are officially trying to conceive #3. Am I crazy? I am crazy right? Holy smokes!

I want the baby, but the pregnancy scares me. I don't want to get morning sickness, stretch marks or an episiotomy. Again. However...if I am not pregnant by February...I am stopping. Then the baby will be born in September and will miss the Kindergarten cutoff in 5 years. Then I will have to stay home 6 years. And Kennen and the baby will be one more year apart at school...and that just seems too far for me. Am I nuts? I'm nuts right. In the past, one of us has wanted a baby while the other hasn't...but now we have decided to hold our noses and just jump in the damn water. Plus we make such great seems a shame to leave all of the breeding to the Catholics and the Mormons.

Family of 5, here I come!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

That's what friends are for...

I was a slacker on Halloween so I had to swipe this from Patty's facebook page! She and Dr. N. threw a rocking halloween party/haunted house this year and it was one of those parties that will go down in SBHL history. I am too exhausted to write out a full blog...well I think I'm too lazy too....

Anyway, here are Mama and Papa Vamp:

You like? It's nice?