Monday, March 7, 2011

Vegas baby

I am officially going on an adult vacation this summer! Tickets are booked for flights, hotels, and Sigfried and Roy's dolphin show. I guess they decided that the white tiger gig was not something they want to continue. Hey, dolphins and gay men in tight pants work for me. :D

I'm not crazy about flying but my desperation for crazy fun outweighs my fears. Nothing that some early morning wine drinking can't cure. Jeff booked a tower suite. I'm not sure why because I'm assuming we wont spend much time in the room but hey...whatever floats his boat ;D. We are going with a bunch of other couples that live in Katy, but my long lost friend that moved to HI will be there too with her husband and kids. I really really REALLY am looking forward to this adult playground. There is a topless pool...could be fun but I will only go if I can wear pasties. There are roller coasters, pools, bars, clubs, dancing, and yes drinking. I am not at all interested in gambling because I never ever win. It just feels stupid and pointless to throw away money. Jeff likes it though so it will be fun to sit at a poker table with him. Oh! Do y'all watch Pawn Stars? I totally want to go to that pawn shop and buy something!

If anyone has advice or tips on other 'must see' attractions, please let me know. Mama is ready to play!