Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Home is where the...

job is?

There have been some shakeups at Jeffs work. My over achiever husband is never satisfied to just 'be', and as a result he has great opportunities within his company. These would require moves and I feel like it's a new city every week. First Paris. Then Concord, CA (wine country, woot!), then Seattle (might have to double up on the prozac to deal with the gloom).

My first reaction to these ideas is always, "No!" But then I sit and I think, "Why no?" If this is what needs to happen, well I don't want to hold him back from reaching his full potential. He is a restless soul but somehow he's tame with me. I appreciate the tameness...but I don't want to kill his spirit. So. I will go where he goes.

I emailed him today that I was open to change. In an interesting turn of events...better things might now open up for him here in Texas. Hmph. Im thrilled but I spent over an hour pouring over real estate in far away places. I got a leeeeeeetle excited. I could have a forest in my back yard...or a vineyard! But more than anything I'm relieved. I love my house, my friends, my community, my super clean Super Target. The list goes on and on. :D

It all could change tomorrow but fingers crossed...I want to stay in Texas!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Tomorrow I'm 31...eek!

I'm just that much farther away from 20 and that much closer to 40. Weird! I still feel like a clueless kid.

Jeff and I had the best day yesterday. We started it off with a fight of monumental levels. We agreed that the actual celebration of my birthday was going to be on Saturday because he was going to be out of town on Monday, my actual birthday. I woke up with expectations. I'll call this mistake number one. Birthday or not, my kids are still needy and hungry first thing in the morning. Dishes still need to be unloaded. Pork roast still needs to go in the crockpot. Baby still screams. Jeff still snores because it's saturday and he usually sleeps in. Basically I lost it because he wasn't fanning me with palm fronds and hand feeding me grapes. Like I said, I had high expectations becasue he promised to give me a good birthday. I wanted no drudgery.

Anyway, we had a big bad fight. Said things I shouldn't have said. He threatened to cancel the babysitter. :(

Instead he was a sweetie and bought me a Coach Wallet, took me out for sushi, suffered through going to a wine bar...it was fabulous. We also went to the shooting range. Hmmm, not my thing. Jeff said, "Don't you feel empowered?" Uhhhh, no. I'm a lover not a fighter. Or at least I prefer verbal combat vs tactical combat. I hate that gun, I hate the shooting range. At least I know how to shoot now.

Mmmmmmm, I'm going to indulge in a little leftover cold sushi for breakfast. Lets hope I don't get food poisoning. :D