Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My humps-15 weeks 5 days

Here I am at 15 weeks 5 days:

So whaddaya think of that? I was at the park the other day and I ran into a girl that is in my Moms group. She is also pregnant with her third. She has a 4 year old little girl and a 1 year old little boy. She is 16 weeks pregnant...and her tummy is totally flat! Where the hell is she keeping the baby? I just don't get it. My stomach muscles are no match for my new son. Aww, I'm going to have 2 sons. How great is that! I wonder if my house is going to get really loud and if my furniture will turn into something to climb on instead of something to sit on.

My kids have been showing each other lots of love lately. Kimberly lost a tooth 2 days ago and she wrote a letter to the tooth fairy that said:

"Dear Tooth Fairy, please give my baby tooth to my baby brother. Love Kimberly"

What a dear sweet girl. Then Kennen came home from preschool today with a huge pink valentines days card that said, "My sister is special. Love Kennen" The level of cuteness is overwhelming. My house is peaceful and I have gotten to a point with my kids where there are no 'bad' days and the four of us live quite harmoniously. I wonder what this boy is going to do to my house!!! I say bring it on. :D

In other exciting news...Kimberly starts soccer practice tomorrow. Cleats? CHECK! Shin guards? CHECK! Water bottle? CHECK! Camp chair for Mommy? CHECK! Big girl ready and competitve? CHECK! Is it bad that I am going to encourage her to win and not just participate? I know that youth soccer is mostly about being fair and not feeling bad about losing...but I want her to kick some first grade a$$. :D

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


So since this little whippersnapper is a boy, I don't have a name. If the baby was a girl, I was going to name her Corinne. But there was a penis, so Corinne is out. What the heck do I name this baby?

Both of our kids have K.J. as their first and middle initials. Jeff is absolutely stuck on doing the same thing and naming this baby with a K name. Problem is that there aren't any boy names that I'm crazy about. And despite naming my first son Kennen, I actually like traditional names that don't look made up. And I like the proper spellings of names. I chose Kennen because I found it in a baby name book and it means, "Little Ken". My Dad, Kenneth, died of brain cancer when I was 11 so this was a way for me to name my son after him, without naming him Kenneth. I love my Dad, but I'm not crazy about Kenneth. Sorry Dad! So Kennen it was. I like it because it has a trendy sound to it and it is unique, but he can put 'Ken' on resume's and nobody will know he has a crazy Mom.

So we sort of accidentally on purpose named both our kids K names. Now Jeff thinks we have to stick with that 'K.J." theme. There are no K boys names that I love! I do like Caleb a lot. But Jeff wants to spell it Kaleb and I just don't like that at much. The only other name I like is Bryce. No reason other than I like it.

Do you like Caleb? Bryce? Do you have any other suggestions???? Help!

Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I was just reminiscing with my husband about our first kiss. It was electrifying and he whispered, "OMG you lips are so soft!" Hawt! I thought it was on Valentines day but I wasn't sure...

Anyway I couldn't remember the timeline of our first few dates so I just called Jeff to help me piece it together. Our first date was $u$hi. Then our next date was at Bu$ters and we got drunk off of Bu$ter Bowl$. Our third date was valentines day and he attempted to take me somewhere that wouldn't be $90 for dinner and drinks because at this point he could only afford to see me once a week. We went to a place called Charlies at it was the bar/lounge above a historic hotel in Flagstaff, AZ. Unfortunately for Jeff, the restaurant brilliantly rolled out a special and more expensive Valentine$ day menu! I had the $ea ba$$ wrapped in parchment paper.

This is the night that I thought was our first kiss but today on the phone Jeff said, "Nope we didn't kiss until the next week. Remember? My friends found us as dinner and we went to Maloneys and drank all night?"

Then suddenly it was clear..."I remember! You kissed a different girl that lived in my dorm because it was her birthday!"

Jeff: "omg that's right. Aren't I romantic? But it was her birthday and her friend said she is trying to kiss good looking guys on her birthday...and of course that meant me!"

Me: "Of course baby!"

ahhhh memories. Our first kiss wasn't until the next week in that very same bar. It is funny to me how 'free love' my attitide was back then. I wasn't trying to settle down. In fact after Jeff and I sealed our lips, I made out with a few rugby players. Or maybe it was just one Rugby player...the details are fuzzy. But then the next thing you know I am falling head over heels in love with this man and getting pregnant with our love child. We were married within 11 months of our first date. You never know what turn you life will take!

And here I am...pregnant again...still in love...and I am about to give him another son. oh's a boy! (not 100% but pretty sure :D)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Snarky McSnark

I can't help it. Yahoo news just set the ball for me and I can't help but spike it! The news article read:

Obama Campaigns Outside Washington to win insiders on Stimulus.

um...campaigns? Well I suppose that campaigning is what Obama does best. He has made a career of campaigning with that silver tongue of his. Personally I am a 'little less talk and a lot more action' kind of girl. We all know people that are perpetual students. They have a few impressive college degrees...but no job or career to speak of. I suppose that Obama is going to be a perpetual campaigner. This is fine with me. The less actual work he does in government the better. The more he talk about the stimulous package and the less he does makes me happy. Small government is my friend.

So Obama...go on with your bad self. Have fun on your new 'campaign'.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

13 week pics

I keep thinking that any day now I will pull out of this dark haze of hell. I feel so sick and I still need a nap every day. And I'm starving all the's getting ridiculous. I'm seriously sick of chewing. here's my belly! Woot Woot!

Jeff took this one:
I don't think that the picture above quite does justice to my true shape, so I took this one (p.s. that is a red mark from my new stretchmarks yet):

And there is this one! Blam!

I'm growing in every direction but I'm actually losing weight! It could be from the constant diarrhea. It's so bad that I'm actually seeing a GI specialist tomorrow. Yay! I get to poop in a bucket! Pregnancy is bizarre.

On tuesday though I am going in for my NT scan/ultrasound. There is a slim possibility that we can see the gender so I will keep y'all posted. Peace.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Since I am all about the food...

Did anyone else see that ad on Superbowl Sunday from Denny's? Today from 6am to 2pm Denny's is giving away FREE Grand Slam breakfasts! Is anyone else as excited as I am?

Just remember to give your waitress a big fat tip! They don't like to work for free, even if the food is free. :D