Saturday, December 27, 2008

7 weeks

I am very busy these days. Guitar Hero is taking up most of my time as is my friend Tanya that is visiting me from Arizona. I am a day late on my week 7 tummy pics but here you go! Uhhhhhhh, yeah I definitely got bigger this week. My stomach muscles are no match for my stretching uterus apparently. Hooray for third pregnancies. The good news is that I don't have terrible morning sickness yet. I wont consider myself out of the clear until next week though. I sort of wish I did feel sicker though. It makes me think something might be wrong with the baby because my symptoms aren't as strong this time around. My baby this week is as big as a BB pellet. How cute! My belly on the other hand...not so cute.

I can't find my original outfit so I am wearing paint stained shorts and a different workout shirt.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas traditions...

In my little family, we are learning to make our own traditions. The last few Christmas Eves, we go out to dinner, drive around and look at Christmas lights, then tuck in the kids. Once they are tucked, then Jeff shakes jingle bells under their windows.

wellll.....last night there was a slight hiccup in the plans. After dinner, we were driving around and Kennen piped up from the back seat, "I want to go home now!"

"We will soon buddy...hey look at the snowman!"

"Uhhhhhh, my belly hurts!"

....huh...huh.....huuuuuuuuuuuurl! Blech! cough cough! Huh....huuuuurl!

Yep my son barfed all over my Tahoe and almost covered his sister and my houseguest, Tanya. I did the right thing and sat with him in the back seat on the drive home and comforted him. Then I did what any good mother would do and I took a picture. Merry christmas y'all! :D

Friday, December 19, 2008

6 weeks!

Only 34 more weeks to go! Damn, that seems really really long. Oh well there isn't much change from last week, but I am going to religiously document each week this time since this will be the last baby. Well, I think it will be the last. But now that I'm having 3, I want 4. Psycho much? Anyway, here's the belly pics:


And yes, I do have more workout clothes, but I want to see if I can fit into this little ditty the whole pregnancy.

In other news, my friend Tanya is going to fly in from AZ tomorrow to spend Christmas with me. I am so excited to have her here. She is just a sunny funny girl and she always puts me in a good mood. She wants me to take her somewhere 'Texas-y'. Where the hell would that be?

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Okay I give up.

I haven't been posting much lately! The reason I have been slacking is because I have baby on the brain. And even though I have 2 kids and I suppose this is a Mommy blog...I really am trying to avoid getting all 'Mommy Blog' on y'all. But I give up. Every time I start a blog post it is very baby specific. Well...I can't help it. Even though babies happen to woman every day, I feel like the only human on the planet that is this fucking tired.

The other thing I am going through is hunger! And not just random hunger, but I have to eat exactly what I am craving. Otherwise I will probably cry in frustration. For example, the other day the only thing I wanted was an egg sandwich on an english muffin with sharp cheddar. I heated the pan...cracked open the egg...and almost barfed. The egg was full of fucking blood. First I gagged, then I cried for the poor egg because it reminded me of my own little chick growing inside of me, then I cried because now I am never going to be able to eat another egg for the rest of my life. It was so disgusting.

Tuesday was my first appointment. My new OB/GYN is a doll! It was easy to get a prescription out of her for morning sickness medicine (Reglan...just in case!) plus she gave me an ultrasound. I was really nervous about the scan because I was 5 weeks 4 days at the time and it was a coin toss on whether I would see the heartbeat or not. When the tech zoomed on on the blob though, the whole little body was thumping. She said it was the size of a grain of rice and I swear the little beating heart took up 3/4 of the body. I didn't get a count on the beats per minute and it was too small to actually hear anything through the transducer but I saw it! And there was only one baby! Jeff was wrong...he was conviced that it was twin boys. I think that it is one baby girl. Any other guesses?

Long story short, I'm back but you are going to have to deal with me prattling on and on about my new symptoms because I'm a little obsessed. It's like I told Jeff after I peed on like 15 pregnancy tests. I said, "You would be obsessed too if you had a little alien creature growing inside you!" Tomorrow I will be 6 weeks, so more belly pics will be up soon!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

5 weeks 1 day

When I look back on my last two pregnancies I realize that I am missing! I have promised myself to at least document my weekly growth. I have somehow come out of 2 pregnancies without stretchmarks or saggy skin...but who knows what a third will do to me. So here we go me wreck my body with baby number 3! :D

5 weeks, 1 day

I swear that my tummy is already bigger. Unfortunately it is too soon to blame it on baby weight...It is just lots and lots of gas. :D

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My first mental breakdown.

There was a post on my pregnancy message board asking about your first mental breakdown. I'm too lazy to come up with an original post for my blog, so I am cutting and pasting:

The other day my husband and I were in the bathroom getting ready to go to a party. I had a huge pile of laundry in front of the shower door that I still hadn't washed and my husband was moving it out of the way as I was laughing and apologizing. Then he said, "When does the nesting phase start?" (as in when am I going to start cleaning like crazy). I laughed and said,"not for a long time!" Then he said, "It looks like the nesting phase has already begun...except baby you aren't actually supposed to collect pieces of material and make an actual nest!"

I started laughing hysterically because the laundry pile did look like a bird nest but almost as quickly, I started crying! My feelings totally got hurt and I was crying and yelling at him not to tease me and he can do his own damn laundry wha wha wha!" He was already in the shower at this point and had to wipe the steam off the shower door to see what the hysteria was all about. Then he started laughing even harder and I started crying even harder and then he realized that he better be nice to the hormonal girl and he stepped out of the shower and gave me a soaking wet hug and apologized. Yeah, I think I've caught the crazy.

So...these last 2 days I don't even feel pregnant. I feel compelled to buy more tests. :D I mean I must be pregnant still right? I've had no bleeding...everything is still in my uterus, right? I really can't wait until my first appointment and especially I can't wait for my first ultrasound. Waiting patiently...

Monday, December 8, 2008

I'm a parents worst nightmare!

Hee hee

The other day I texted a group of people, "Guess what? I'm pregnant!" I recieved the obligatory, "Congrats" from most people. But from my friend Lisa, it went down a little differently. Apparently Lisa changed her phone number:

"Lisa": I sorry but i dont know you :( i am emily. 7:03am

Me: Stella! 4:19pm

"Lisa": "Hi" it's me emily good for you 4:22pm

"Lisa": "Hi" 4:25

Me: Thx! I had this number for my friend Lisa-sorry that it was the wrong number!

"Lisa": It's can text me any time :-) 4:30

"Lisa":Im glad you are pregnat :-) 4:34

Me: Where are you from and how old are you?

"Lisa": I can't tell you where i live but i am 10 years 4:40

Me: lol, im 29!

"Lisa": Nice to meet you stella. would you like to be my freind? ;-) 4:51

Me: Sure 4:52

"Lisa": Great....:-) 4:53

Then around 9:20pm or so, my cell starts to ring and it is "Lisa". Eep! A little girl who thinks I am her new bff is calling me! I send it straight to voicemail. A few minutes later, I get this text:

"Lisa": Hi iam emily's dad i don't know who you are but i don't think you have any reason to test msg my daughter 9:26 pm


Just so you know, I am not interested in have super secret 1o year old little girls as my friend. I was sort of thinking that 'emily' might be new to Texas since she just got this new phone number (I just talked to Lisa last week). When she was going on and on about my pregnancy, I thought that maybe it was a lonely Mom that just moved here and didn't have any friends or something. I am a friendly girl and I have actually made a good Mom friend off myspace....soooo how is that much different than through wrong number texting? When the little thing told me that she was only 10 though, I thought it was funny. When she asked to be my friend I didn't have the heart to say 'no'. So I said 'sure' with no intention of ever communicating with her again. I'm passive aggressive that way.

And now I have an angry Dad on my ass thinking that I am some sort of a predator. A minute later my phone rang and this time, knowing it was her father, I answered. I told him the whole wrong number story-including the part that I don't want to be his daughters new bff!!! He was understanding and after a 5 minute conversation, he congratulated me on my third pregnancy!

So fucking bizarre. Long story short, there is someone in the world that thinks I am a huuuuuge creep! Oh well. whaddaya do?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

I'm back from my Turkey related leave of absence!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? Mine was great. It was the first year that I cooked for a group of people in my home so I really had fun with it. Jeff and the neighbors were drinking beer and frying turkeys at 10:00am and I was baking and roasting and melting and cooking and stirring and drinking wine by 11:00. I actually drank a lot during the week of thanksgiving. About a bottle a day. I did it because it was my last hoo-rah...Jeff and I tried to get pregnant this month and I was having a fare thee well with my friend, cheap white wine.

The good new though is that I am indeed pregnant! It is very early in my I am only 3 weeks 6 days. Gotta love those First Response Early Result tests! I have peed on about 10 of them because I just don't believe that I am actually having another baby. I am going to be that lady in Target with too many kids taking up space in the aisle so that no other carts can steer past. I am so very happy. Like very very over the moon in love with my blastocyte.

In other fabulous news...Jeff got offered a new position at his company. It is a total career change for him, and no international travel! I am so relieved because he was scheduled to go to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia next year. Oh, and he had to bring his own drinking water in his suitcase. WTF? I can just imagine myself 7 months pregnant and unable to contact him when he is on the other side of the world...and having a nervous breakdown. With the way everything is lining up, I feel like our new little family member was meant to be!

Just because I want to gross you out, want to see my pee sticks? I have them labled 'dpo' which stands for days past ovulation. As soon as the fertilized egg implants itself, you start producing enough HCG hormone to be detected on a pregnancy test. You can see that on 8dpo, the test was negative but on 9dpo there was the faintest pink test line that showed up on the left side of the control line. Isn't that just so exciting? yeah, I think so too!