Friday, October 31, 2008

afternoon phone call...

I just called Jeff at work and here was our conversation:

J: This is Jeff

S: Hey baby. Am I on speakerphone?

J: Yeah. (long pause. I hear him typing and thinking)

S: Baby take me off speaker phone.

J: (I hear him pick up the handset) Yeah. What do you have going on?

S: So I just saw the wine bottle from last night...I drank more than half of it! Holy crap I am a wino!

J: (he laughs)

S: Will you still love me if I have to start going to those meetings?

J: Yes (he's typing again. long pause...)

S: What if I start drinking listerine because you cut me off from wine? Will you still love me? (did you ever see that episode of "Intervention"? Homegirl was drinking mouthwash y'all.)

J: (silence. more typing)

S: Baby?

J: Of course. I'll always love you. You're my baby.

S: Okay, cool.

J: okayloveyoubye.

S: bye.

Maybe I've just been married too long but I am actually swooning from the romance right now.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Woo hoo!

Hooray for the little man! Hooray for the ability to organize and petition to your peers to fix a corrupt system. Okay...maybe the system wasn't corrupt but there was definitely bad blood between us and the hoa man.

Last night was a very happy night on SBHL! We as neighbors have rallied together and voted the biggest douchebag out of the HOA! No more nastygrams from the idiot who talked down to us. who was a huge doublecrossing moron. Ding dong...the witch is dead! Well, it is a man who has been dethroned peace the spork out douchbag! You will not be missed.

Ahhhhh, seriously you don't know how happy this makes me. The middle aged idiot was letting the HOA power get to his head.

I know my blog has sucked ass lately but I have been having too much fun lately. For example...Sunday night I went to the Rick Springfield concert at the House of Blues! Oh yes...the soap opera star/'Jessie's Girl' crooner was so much fun! He's 59? I do know this though...he's so sexy! I went with my friend Sara and she batted her eyes and got us awesome seats upstairs in the Mezzanine, instead of the standing room only general admission section.

When Sara and I first found each other...we sat in a construction zone and ate burritos. See Sara's big ass purse? Yep she had 2 Chipotle burritos in there.

This is the self picture before we rocked out 80's style:

And here we are rockin'. Do you like my orange nail polish? It's for Halloween...the 2nd best holiday of the year:

Rick Springfield in the flesh. He was such a great performer and totally interacted with the audience. I have a huge crush on him now! Isn't he sexy? I think he is like 59 but I have always had a thing for older guys. :D

Now I have been running around my house belting out, "DON'T TALK TO STRANGERS!" and "I FEEL SO DIRTY WHE SHE STARTS TALKIN' CUTE...tra la la JESSIES GIRL!"

On top of the kickass concert, I had a blast with Sara. She makes me laugh so hard and my face was hurting by the end of the night from my perma-grin. Ugh, I just looked at Rick's pic again...isn't he dreamy?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Not sleeping beauty

Sorry but I just don't have the words to blog lately. But I do have pictures!!!

Last night, Kennen choked on some candy and it scared him. He was very cuddly and he let me rock him to sleep. :D Then I dozed off too and Jeff took pictures.

I am an ugly sleeper. But my boy is an angel! :D

Monday, October 20, 2008

Want to know what I'm gonna be for Halloween?

Here is a hint:

Scary Daddy in action:


Awww, don't let him scare you! He's just happy to be here!:

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The haystack is gone.

So I'm not a natural blonde. I have been thinking lately...I really have no idea what I look like with my natural hair color. I have been dying my hair since I was 13 years old. I probably only have a few more years until I go gray...then I will have to dye my hair to fight mother nature and her nasty aging.

So anyway, not only do I dye my hair blonde...but I dye it blonde myself and my hair was so dry and tangly. I hate to brush my hair. I hate to wash my hair. I get headaches because my ponytails are heavy. Yesterday I finally did something about it.

I went to a salon and told 'Helen' what I wanted. She said...."Nooo! Don't cut that much!" What the hell??? Usually stylists are more than happy to hack off your hair and give you a new look. I was insistant though and told her to cut! She cut off the first big piece and held it out to me..."Do you want to keep this?" LOL! Maybe I am rare, but I just wasn't upset about hacking off my hair. I told her, "Be brave and keep cutting! I'm not gonna cry!"

She cut. She dyed it brown. She blowdried. She added a few chunky hilights. She dried it and styled it. She spun me around when she was done to I could face the mirror...I fucking love it! I have been in the best mood ever since. I feel like a new girl. Jeff was home for his lunch break and when I walked in the door he said, "Wow! What's your name?"

Behold...the new do.

Don't mind the horror film effects...but this is the only pic that shows what the back looks like. Do you like my wonky eye?:

chunky hilights:

And see? It is longer in the front! Damn I look old as hell in this picture. Botox maybe?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A new friend...sort of

2 years ago, I was trolling through classmates dot com, and I found a profile of I girl I thought I recognized. She was one of the rare profiles that had filled out the 'about me' section. I remember her being 'bad'. I remember her offering me and my friend Angela an Altoid , but Angela didn't take one. She later told me she was afraid that it had drugs in it. Ohhhhh, yes Sara was a bad girl.

As it turns out, she is the biggest sweetheart and could not hold a candle to the delinquent teenager that I was. She is now a nice catholic girl married to a doctor. I have talked to Sara since I have lived in Texas, but we have never gotten together. She is on the other side of the big bad city of Houston, and we are both busy in our suburban bubbles with kids and stuff.

Yesterday we finally(!) got together and I had a blast. It started off great because we went and had my new favorite food...vietnamese noodle house! Yum yum gimme dim sum! Actually I had the rice noodles with rare beef and meatballs. It has a name, but I don't know what it is. It's that soup that you add fresh cilantro, basil and bean sprouts too...oh my mouth is watering again!

After that, we went and painted pottery. We were the only customers and we totally took over. Kennen napped on the employee sofa and the rest of the kids went wild with the paint. It was a lot of fun! And totally by coincidence, both of our elementary school aged kids were sick. Kimberly was slightly feverish and was having tummy troubles, and Sara's oldest son was having respiratory problems and she had to pick him up from school. And what do we do as good and responsible parents? We had a playdate!

The best part of all is that Sara totally rocks! We seriously laughed and had so much fun. I can't wait until we get together again. :D I have a new friend!

Here are some pics from our day!
Another bonus is that I got my baby fix! I worked really hard on this one because little Lourdes is a Mama's girl and the first time Sara handed her over to me, she just screamed and reached her little arms to her Mama. I had to be super stealthy and distract her and not look at he when I held her and she was okay. Isn't she lovely?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Accidentally on purpose.

This morning I was so late taking Kennen to preschool. Jeff was sick and up all night and I was worried enough to sit and listen to him breath for an hour after he finally fell asleep. On top of the cough from hell all week, he had his first migraine and it was pretty pitiful because he was coughing, puking, and gripping onto his head all at the same time.

I was running late but my plan was to walk Kennen into class, then go get my hair done. I had my vampire book and I was looking forward to the silence. As we were walking to his class, a little girl waved frantically at us and said, "Hi Kennen!" awwww, he has a little friend. I chit chatted with the Mom of the little girl and she asked me if I was going to the Moms group that morning. I was like, "Moms group? What Moms group?" She said it started in 15 minutes so I went!

I am so happy with the group of Moms there. We really talked about so many things and we were having a very funny and open conversation. I think I was getting a little too comfortable. When the group leader gently urged that I could pray and that she said that my husband would eventually come to know Jesus.

"Oh, that's not going to happen. He's Jewish."

"Well maybe not now, maybe not 5 years but as long as it is before his last breath, he will be saved."

blink. blink.

I got a little candid here and said, "Well, he actually thinks that Jesus is just a Golden Calf that is distracting people from the one true God."

OMGoodness that was the wrong thing to say. Not because she judged me for what I said, but because she truly looked hurt. I was pooping on her peeps. It was worse than a fart in church. It was a bitchslap in church. The conversation rolled on afterwards without a hitch and it made me love these ladies even more. I think I wanted to say something sort of awful because I am a bitch. I am not goodness and light. I just think I was testing the water to see if I would still be accepted if I didn't plaster a spacey smile on my face and say catchy Christian things like, "Love letter to Jesus" or "My sins have been washed white as snow". Nope, instead I wanted to say things like,

"I wonder if Jesus is just a golden calf and we are all blasphemous. Plus, I want to be a Christian and I feel God guiding me lately (in fact I think he led me to this Mom's group accidentally on purpose) but can I still drink a glass of wine after the kids go to bed? What about before they go to bed?"

And they liked me anyway. God found a place for a girl like me to feel comfortable enough to stay. I'm looking forward to next monday...

Saturday, October 11, 2008


I don't know what is up with me lately! I fall get really tired early in the evening, fall asleep quickly...but then I am up at 4:30am in the morning. Drumming my fingers. Wondering if I should just give in and make a pot of coffee or try to lay reeeeeeally still and hope I can fall back asleep. Today the pot-o-coffee idea won. So annoying!

I could read my vampire book. I wont though because I'm on Breaking Dawn now (book 4) and I'm trying to linger over it a little. I want to make it last because I want to be lost in that little world for as long as possible! Seriously the series!

Oh, I have a great idea! I could go for a run! Heck yeah, that's just what my restless body needs! Oh wait...I can't. Jeff is fishing. Again. He had my blessing last night but now I'm annoyed. I can't leave the kids in the house by themselves. It is times like this that I wish I had a nanny. I could never have a real nanny. I was talking about this with my neighbors last night actually. It makes my stomach turn to think of someone else with their hands all over my babies. But wouldn't it be convenient to have someone waiting in the wings...ready to just be there when you needed to step out for a 30 minute run. Or if you need milk but the thought of tromping through Super Target with 2 kids is just more than you can handle. Wouldn't it be nice to bring your nanny along to sit in the car with the kids while you made a mad dash for milk? This aversion to hired help would be completely different if I had a career I was passionate about. But I don't.

So this means no nanny. And long story morning run for me. :/

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Apparently I am the last person to read the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyer! Well, that's not true. My running buddies haven't read it either but I am forcing them to read it now too. Can I just say, OMFG! I have the hugest crush on Edward Cullen. He is so damn sexy in the book. My stomach was doing flips while I was reading...who knew that a fictional vampire could have such a profound effect on me. Then...THEN I saw this movie poster for the Twilight movie coming out tomorrow and the Edward in the poster was so like the Edward I had in my head. Take a better look at the scary/sexy vampire front and's Cedrick Diggory from Harry Potter! Except now he looks a little more menacing...and a little less 'golden boy'. That girl he has his arms around is his human girlfriend. He really wants to bite her but then his girlfriend would be dead so...he tries to be good. That's all I'm going to say.

If you haven't read the book it! Then drive back to the store two days later and buy New Moon (book 2). Then take a break for a day to clean your house, and then go back again and throw your cation (and money) to the wind and buy books 3 (Eclipse) and 4 (Breaking Dawn). And buy your husband a new outfit while you are at it so that he doesn't realize that you have spend $40 on books in the last week. Or you can just borrow the books from me. :D

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I raced!

Saturday was awesome! I really needed that event to jumpstart my ass into a lean mean exercising machine. I have somehow managed to gain 10lbs this summer. Not a huge deal since I'm tall but I really had no desire to start exercising again. After running the race, I felt so GREAT! Like beyond great. I think I was high on endorphins or something. I don't think humans are meant to live such sedentary lives. Running is exactly what I need in my life to stay balanced. I had forgotten that.

Anyway, I ran the first 2 1/2 miles. it hurt. it burned. it made me want my mommy. But there were people on the sidelines cheering me on and it absolutely helped. My demise though was the hill. Why the hell would a mutha funkin hill be at the END of the race? Ugh. I actually ran up the hill but once I reached the 'summit' I was tapped. I walked for awhile until I saw the finish line and I ran in at 45:43.

What a great feeling! I friggin did it! The girls and I are toying with the idea of the Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day but who knows. This race kicked my butt and I was a sleepy girl the rest of the day. I absolutely hate the picture above. I'm the albino giraffe in the middle. And that would be stampingtxmommy on the left and keikicakes on the right. I'm kind of excited though because I entered in my bib number at the race for the cure website and they said that if any picutes with my number show up, they will email them to me. Awesomeness.

thank you everyone for your and with your well wishes! Y'all rock!