Friday, August 28, 2009

Wow, that sucked.

Yesterday was a day of sheer exhaustion. I think i maybe got 3 hours of sleep the night before. Not 3 solid hours...but like 3 hours broken up into 20 minute increments. Holy hell I thought I was going to die. It wasn't even from the baby. Griffin is an excellent little person that sleeps from 10pm until 4am. That is more than enough time for me to feel human enough to function and raise my boys. Hee hee, my BOYS! I have a set of boys, thatissocool! Okay, anyway.

So if it wasn't baby Griffin keeping me up all night, then I bet you are wondering what did keep me up all night. Um, lets just say that I am having an evil flare up of my ulcerative colitis. EVIL! I lost 4 lbs that night. I wondered if this would be the way I would die. What a shitty way to die. Heh. get it?

I lived through the night and somehow limped through the next day alone with Kennen and baby Griffin. Thankfully I have a dear sweet baby that doesn't really cry. He just kind of grunts.

Crying + No sleep = Mommy's nervous breakdown.

And thankfully I have Jeff. Last night I went to bed super early while he took care of everything...he fed the kids, did homework with Kim and tucked in both kids. Even when I woke up this morning I saw that he did things like got Kimberly's backpack ready and cleaned up the kitchen. It *almost* makes me consider post partum sex. Almost.

Now I'm off to do something productive since i no longer feel like a zombie.

Monday, August 24, 2009

First day of school...for the third time!

Yep today Kimberly started 2nd grade. It was totally uneventful. I mean, i was super excited and she was happy but it really went off without a hitch! She pretty much got herself ready, and bounced out the door no problem. There was no apprehension, no tears or anything. It was just like another school day around here.

I gotta say, i really missed her. She is so helpful with both of her little brothers. She entertains Kennen, she holds Griffin, she makes snacks for everyone (me included), she helps Kennen find matching clothes. She's such a special girl. I think back to when I was first pregnant with her. It was not what I wanted. But now I thank God that she's mine. What would I do without her? My angel Kimmy-girl.

(I have pics to post, but right now I have a baby sleeping on my chest and he smells really good. I'll just have to find my camera and upload my pics sometime soon!)

Saturday, August 22, 2009

snip snip

Jeff better hurry up and get his vasectomy because I already want another baby...

thats all I have to say right now. :D

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The peanut... still a peanut! He weighs 8lbs 1oz and is 21 inches long. He's so tiny! He is still smaller at 2 weeks old than the other two kids were when they were born.

And he got his first shot! Hepatitis B...just in case he starts to hang out with hookers or iv drug users.

I'm too lazy to post a picture right now, but I will show some pics of his cloth diaper butt pretty soon. I need to eat really quick and then take Kim to her school for meet the teacher night. Bye!


I'm not digging my postpartum body, but I have to remind myself that getting back to normal takes time. I just feel kind of deflated and deformed. And empty. I'm thrilled that I'm not pregnant anymore but go from a hard round body to a squishy deflated pile of goo experience. Not really good. Not really bad. Just different.

My 16 year old neighbor took pregnant pics of me 2 days before Griffin was born so check out the before and after:

11 days later.
I don't like the number on the scale and i don't like the cellulite. Or the doughy tummy. Kimberly still pats my belly and tells me how squishy it is. In an effort to keep her innocent as far as body image goes, I just matter of factly agree and don't tell her how flipping rude she is. She's not trying to be mean, and most importantly I want her to to always be accepting of herself. So, I am accepting of myself in the hopes of leading by example. Oh! And my hips are so wide! Apparently they spread when you push a baby through your pelvis...imagine that! I'm having leg, knee and ankle pain because of it. It happened with my other kiddos but I don't remember how long it took to have everything aligned where it is supposed to be. But omg I just want to heal so I can run again. I just feel weak and wobbly still. I'm trying to be patient.

Griffin is doing great! He is the sweetest thing and I will update after his pediatrician appointment. I can't wait to see how big he has gotten!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

This morning

Kennen is a vampire bat boy (notice the slicked over hair and the bat wing blanket?) and he is running laps around the house.
Griffin is back in the fort with Kimberly

And I'm out of toilet paper. You know what that means? A trip to the grocery store with 3 kids.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

2nd Mommy

Griffin has 2 Mommies. One is 30, and the other is 7. It's great because my hands are free to do other things like cleaning and showering. It's annoying because Kimberly walks around with tears in her eyes giving me stony looks because I do things like feed my baby and change his diaper without her. Today I waved a white flag and pumped out a bottle of breast milk and let Kimberly have some one on one time with her new brother.

She loves him:
And she is finally smiling:

Later she made a fort:
And she even made a space for a very special guest...
Her new baby brother!

I did it!

Jeff found out that his his work truck is finally ready to be picked up! His current truck has like 115,000 miles on it and we have been waiting patiently since JANUARY for him to get the new truck. I'm not sure what the hold up was but you would think that a dealership would be able to rustle up a truck that is a sure sale in this crappy economy...but whatevs.

Anyway, I had to drive Jeff to work this morning. I somehow managed to get up, get coffee, nurse the baby, change his diaper and clothes, get 2 more kids awake, dressed, teeth and hair brushed by 7:30am. I did it all without my head exploding! It was kind of fun to drive in rush hour and listen to the local morning show on the radio too while sipping my coffee. It was a flashback to another life before I became a Mom.

The kids are adjusting pretty well. Kennen is absolutely fine so far. Same old sweet little buddy boy. Kimberly though, as always, is dramatic. She gets mad at me if she doesn't get to hold Griffin enough. She whines, begs, and complains when I tell her to leave him alone while he is sleeping in his cradle. I am nursing him and honestly, it's fucking excruciating every time he latches on. Every time I feed him, she hovers around and asks me why I don't just let her feed him a bottle. Yesterday she even said, "You are only nursing him because you want to be the only one that holds him!" Wow. All I can say to that is, W.T.F!!!!!!!!

Even with 3 kids, I am still encountering new experiences. My nipples are pretty torn up and sore and when Griffin spits up, it is tinged with my blood! It's no fun when you are home from the hospital for an hour and your baby is puking bloody milk. Talk about a frantic call to the pediatrician! He's a vampire baby apparently.

Speaking of any of you watch True Blood on HBO????? OMG that is the best show I think I have ever seen. For those of you that watch it...what the hell is that She-devil-God-bull thing with claws.

Okay I gotta go. Kimberly just punched Kennen in the throat. I gotta say, I didn't expect the 7 year old to be the one acting out with a new sibling in the house.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

First two days home

OMG I have 3 kids!
I'm a little tired...

I've been busy snuggling,
Griffin has been getting to know the family,
We are trying to figure out who this baby looks like. Honestly all I can say is that he is a mix between Kimberly and Kennen as babies. Imagine that!

Grandma likes him a little bit...Griffin doesn't like the camera flash...look at that pitiful little face!

The good news is that he is nursing like a champ and he's already getting chubby cheeks!
He looks like a baby Kimmy right here...
And a baby Kennen right here...

As for the big kids, they are taking advantage that Daddy is the best jungle gym...

And he is the ultimate champion at staring contests..

I've learned that Kimberly is a baby hog. Big time. It gets to the point that I start to miss little Griffin because she is ALWAYS holding him. She is such a great helper though.

At first I was nervous because she kept picking him up and walking around with him, but she is so careful. She has only made his little head flop forward once. :D

I love my little Griffin so much! It seems just surreal that a year ago, Jeff and I hadn't decided one way or another on a third baby. Now he has only been here breathing on this Earth for 4 days and I feel like the world wouldn't be the same without him. I am so grateful.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Bob, Wehadababyitsaboy!

Welcome to the world Griffin Jacob!

My sweet baby was born on August 5, 2009 at 6:31am. 7lbs 9oz, 19 inches long! He was my longest labor and my smallest baby...weird! I have lots to say about my hospital experience and my hillbilly nurse and my bitchy doctor but I will get to that later.

Here is my little peanut!