Friday, January 30, 2009

12 weeks and counting!

Just a quick question...

Am I ever going to feel better? Yuck yuck yuck! Why is my nausea and sleepiness getting worse? Yesterday, after I put Kimberly on the bus for school, I slept until 2:00pm. I did get up a few times to feed myself and Kennen but then it was back to sleep. Yesterday I was couch girl. What did my son do all day? Uhhhh, I'm really not sure. I'm just glad that he stayed inside the house. Seriously though he played in his room and watched tv. Poor little boy. Except that he loves to play in his room by himself. He even asks permission in the morning, "Mommy can I go play in my bedroom pweeeeeeease?" I respond with a very serious, "Yes you may." "Dank you!". Even though I could care less where he plays, I play along as if it is important to ask me permission. I want him to think he needs my permission as long as possible. He is a good little rule follower.

Just one more quick question:

Do you think I'm having a boy or a girl?

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

400th post! (and my heart is racing)

My heart is racing because I just wrote out a budget for my family...and my head didn't explode!

I have been bitching and moaning about the recession. Money is so tight right now and since the rest of the country is having money problems (the little guy and big corporations alike) I chalked up our new found poorness to 'the recession'. It's not our fault. Everyone is hurting. Well now. Except that Jeff reminded me last night that our money pinch is from our own personal stupidity and overspending and oh yeah, those nasty evil tempting little credit cards.

He is right. As of now, his job is better than ever. All of our problems stem from us sweeping the reality of our debt and our excessive spending under the rug. When I pay bills every month, I go into my automatic bill pay and just guesstimate how much I owe who. Actually looking at my statements every month in the past was just too terrifying.

I have decided that enough is enough and I went out and bought the new Dave Ramsey book. I'm so brilliant...I spent $12 in order to start saving money! Ugh, perhaps therein lies the problem. However, the book has inspired me. I'm going to be a gazelle and I'm going to dodge the 'lions and tigers' or whatever the hell eats gazelles. My debt is eating me up. My runs to Taco Bell are eating me up. Jeff's cigarettes are eating us up. (Yes my husband still smokes. gross, huh?). My fear of looking my attacker in the face is eating me up.

Today I actually sat down and filled out the forms in the book. I budgeted. I was real about how much grocery, gas, and 'blow' money we need and truly use. And no, I'm not really buying blow...but we are party people and we like to eat yummy food and drink yummy drinks with the neighbors.

You know what I realized? We are going to be okay. We really do have enough money but we need to be mindful of how we spend it. I have no idea how I'm going to save my first $1000 of emergency money or how we are truly going to start 'snowballing' our debt. However the process is so simple that I actually have HOPE. hmmmm...look at me with my Obama catch phrase again. I am personally against stimulus packages but if the big O does send $1000 to my mailbox, well then there is my emergency fund. I hope I hope I hope...and I hope some more!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Kimmy's first all nighter

Tonight I gave Kimberly her normal spelling quiz to see how well she was doing with this weeks lesson. Usually she gets 100% on her spelling tests. Not this time. Holy crap she missed nine out of twelve! She only got 3 right! It is a tricky week because they are mixing the rule "the e makes the vowel say its name" and the phonogram rule "the eeeeeee sound of the ea phonogram. Basically this is making her spell a work like 'steam' s.t.e.m.e. And she spelled dear like d.e.r.e. The 'e' at the end of the sentence makes the middle vowel say its it?

She was a devastated little girl but I explained to her that sometimes she will get and A becasue she is extra smart and sometimes she will get her A because she works extra hard. If you do anything enough times in a row, you will master it. This is why I kickass at Super Mario Galaxy. Seriously, I'm awesome. Jealous? I thought so. :D

Tonight I am playing mean 'School Ma'am' and making her copy the words over....and over....and over again until it is memorized. She's not too happy about it right now. Isn't she a cute little sad scholar?

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Inaguration from Stella's point of view:

I was so moved and touched by the inaguration yesterday! Is it because the first black president was sworn into office?


Is it because after 8 years of a republican in office, we now have switched to the party that has compassion and hope for the future?

Hell no.

I wish it was McCain/Palin being sworn in yesterday. But I was touched because for the 44th time, the ruler in America has passed the torch to the next in line peacefully. The old and the new sit together...have coffee...wish each other well in both of their endeavors. I don't think that George W. Bush and President Obama could be more different from each other. And no I'm not talking about the color of their skin. I'm talking just about their policies. But at the same time there is a respect there. Not every country in the world is so lucky. In some places, one evil dictator must be murdered in order for the next evil dictator to take over. People under their rule live in fear. So I guess Obama's catch phrase of "Hope" is true. Even with the terrible condition our economy is in, and the way Americans are suffering it is nothing compared to how a person living under a corrupt government suffers.

I am proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cubby dances to Beyonce Single Ladies

This is for anyone out there that needs to be cheered up. :D This will make you smile for sure!

7 years!

Yesterday Jeff and I celebrated our seventh wedding anniversary. And by celebrate, I mean we hung out on the couch and watched tv. Isn't that so fucking romantic?

No, not romantic. But after 7 years, my heart still swells and aches with love for him. Isn't that romantic? He does the dishes after dinner because I get the most nausea at night...isn't that romance? Eh, maybe not romance but deep love, compassion and strength in our marriage.

p.s. I have a secret. I have been awfully bitchy to my poor husband. I am so moody and one morning I yelled at him because he sent a bottle of mustard home with the neighbors the night before. Didn't he know that I wanted a hotdog with mustard on it for breakfast? I lost my mind and threw a huge fit. Then one day he was teasing me when I asked him to help me bring in the groceries. He said something like, "you never help me when I go grocery shopping." and once again I lost my shit and went ballistic on him. oops! Sorry babe!

I am so irrationally hormonal and moody right now. I go from so happy to so pissed to so sad and back to happy again. The hormone monster is controlling me and sometimes I feel like I am outside of myself looking in. I am thankful though that I have been through this twice before and have returned to normal before. I know it's temporary. I also know that although it is not my is my responsibility to chill the fuck out. Bite my tongue and keep my perspective.

So I will try. No, I wont try...I will do. Okay, gotta run to watch the inauguration. :D

Thursday, January 15, 2009


I am so fucking starving. My kids are hungry too and it is making Kimberly really bratty and in turn Kennen is crying every other minute because 'Kimmy is mean to me'. I ordered a pizza and it is taking forever. I'm so hungry I want to fall over. Jeff is on a business trip and my house is a pig sty. I can't believe I'm having a third kid.

Just had to get that off my chest. :S

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Going green

In an effort to be 'green' (see how cool I am with my hip terms?) I am going to cloth diaper this kid. The unfortunate thing about this is that I doubt anyone else will attempt to change my baby's diaper. If you think about how many diapers get thrown away per child it really is pretty disgusting. Lets just say an average of 8 diapers a day for 3 years is 8760 diapers!!! Blech, I've added enough to diaper hill I think.

The last few days I have been perusing cloth diaper message boards (oh yes there is such a thing) and diapers are not what they used to be. They are really stinking (hee hee) cute! When the baby is itty bitty, I am going to get old school and use cloth prefolds and covers because they are so tiny that most fitted diapers are much to big. Yep, my baby will be rocking out baby Jesus style, like this (picture courtesy of
In an effort to keep myself and my furniture protected from pee and newborn explosive poop, I will cover the above Jesus style with something like this: It is cotton on the outside but the inside is plastic (PUL) and you can wipe it out and reuse it all day long without having to toss it in the washing machine. Very economical!

When the baby get a little more chub on them, then...THEN, Oh this is the exciting part! I will get to put the baby in this. It is called a pocket diaper and on the inside it has a pocket inside that you can stuff with either old prefold cloth diapers or the microfiber/hemp inserts that it comes with. You use it one time then wash it:

If I am feeling like it is a particularly fancy day, then I will use something like this:

And when I am breastfeeding for the twelfth time in one day, I will put the baby in this so I wont feel like the only cow in the room:

Monday, January 12, 2009

9 weeks 4 days

Dayum! I am showing waaaaaay earlier than i did with my last two pregnancies. I told Jeff that I'm gonna get huge...then I sat on him :D

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

I have finally achieved the ultimate Mommy status...

...That's right folks, I'm gonna be a soccer Mom. LOL!

My in laws had a great idea this year for their Hanukkah gifts for the kids. They offered to pay for a full year of some extra curricular activity for each child. I really tried to convince Kimberly to try out ballet but she pretty much just cried and said, "I don't know how to be a ballerina!" I explained that she would have a nice teacher to show her all the pretty steps and hand movements...and that she would get to wear lots and lots of pink! She would not budge though. Sigh...I guess she will never be Clara in the nutcracker.

She perked up though when I started talking about soccer! It fits her prerequisite of making sure I will be there during every practice and game. I told her, "Of course! I am going to bring a camp chair and a snack for you. Kennen will help me cheer you on!" She cautiously agreed and last night I officially signed her up. Then I really started thinking about how it's not just a thing to keep Kim busy...but it is going to be a fun thing for me too. I get to sit on the sidelines and make new friends. I will have the opportunity to whip up snacks for a big gaggle of kids. Kimberly will get invited to more birthday parties. I will have something to do on Saturday mornings since I'm pregnant now and no longer find myself hungover on the weekends.

Most importantly though, I can put a soccer decal on the back of my truck. I'm big time now.

Saturday, January 3, 2009


I have nothing this year that I want to make my new years resolution. Not because I don't have anything I can improve upon...but because I am lazy and I know I wont stick to it.

I could:
1. Catch up and stay caught up on laundry at all times. (yeah right)

2. Not yell at my husband anymore. (he likes it)

3. Not spend money. (I already don't spend money. Well unless you count groceries and Wii games)

One thing that is weighing on me is how fucking fat I feel. I went for a late night run for some Pho (vietnamese noodle house) and an adorable little asian woman was getting my order ready. She was very pregnant and had that 'I'm smuggling a basketball' look. She was very cute. She looked at my stomach and said, " pregnant too? How far along you are?"

me reluctantly, "I'm 8 weeks. BUTIT'SMYTHIRDBABY!"

her, "You only 8 weeks?" Then she giggled, "Rah rah rah rah rah! Sing-mae...come and look at her! She is only 8 weeks pregnant...look at her big belly!"

Sing-mae came around the counter and cakles, "Rah rah rah rah rah! You only 8 weeks?"

Ugh. I can't believe I still tipped her after she made me feel like a overgrown american cow.

Oh well. It was all worth it for the Pho Bo.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Isn't that the most original title ever? Wow where do I come up with this stuff? My friend Tanya went home today from her two week stay here in Texas. We had a good time having her here but there was only one problem. I didn't have any cash flow to entertain the poor lamb. When she goes home and tells people what Texas looked like, I'm sure she will be describing what the inside of my house looks like. :D I miss you Tanya! Kennen almost cried when I told him that Auntie Tanya went home on an airplane. Thanks for spending the holidayz with us!

New Year's Eve was kick-ass this year! Our neighbors threw an '80's themed party and I rocked out with crunchy hair and whore face makeup! It was so much fun! The weird thing is that I am learning that (shocker)...I don't need to be drunk off my ass at a party to have fun! Weird concept, no? I *almost* don't miss drinking wine anymore.

Here is one pic from the party...I am doing that one dance from The Breakfast Club where you shuffle your feet or something to move sideways from one side of the room for another. I'm sure there is a dorky name for it...but I'm not a dork so I don't know the name of the dance. Nope not a dork...just a pregnant drag queen. :D Happy new year y'all!

p.s. In case anyone googles "When do you start to show in your third pregnancy?" The answer is 7 weeks 5 days. :D