Thursday, October 2, 2014

Nothing makes me hate writing more than a writing class!

Rawr. I have been plugging away with my classes and I am starting to loathe my Composition class. My professor is okay. She was helpful when I was freaking out over learning how to navigate the shitty online interface of the college website and online book. I've been doing well on my weekly posts except for the most recent post. She gave me a freaking zero because I used the word "you" in my essay. "You cannot use the word you in your college writing." Okay I get that but giving me a zero? Fortunately she is giving me the opportunity to fix my essay and resubmit it for another grade. Fair enough. I think I'd rather have just gotten a C on it than have to revisit the shitty story and rewrite my shitty essay post. Blah.

I pretty much have to get all A's to be accepted into the nursing school I'm hoping to get into. It's a lot of pressure but mostly, it's really fun! I am LOVING my Anatomy and Physiology class. Sure it's a lot of studying and memorization, but I find it fascinating so it feels easy. Taking these classes is really reminding me that I chose my major well. My English class is a bore and so tedious.  It's the last one of its kind though in my prerequisites and I will be thrilled when it's over. Is it over yet? I fortunately did well on my "big" essay two weeks ago, and I'm actually shocked. I got 90%. I had the flu and I squeaked it out the day before it was due. I was so sick and miserable and my brain wouldn't focus so I took an Adderall and wheeeeeeeeee! The words exploded out of me. :D

Other than school, life is good. Kim is absolutely soaring in Jr. High. Kennen is...well he's doing well socially. His grades are atrocious! He's so smart but somehow has decided that due dates for classwork don't apply to him. I've been in communication with the school and have had RTI's in place to give him extra support for "ADHD". We tried medication, and while it did help him get his work done, the medication made him feel sick and he started crying all the time in class. He's always been a sensitive kid anyway, but the crying was out of control and it was affecting any chance he had of making friends. I stopped giving him medication a few years ago and the crying immediately got better. Sure his grades slipped but he was happy again. Now he's a huge 4th grader (5' tall. 103 lbs). He loves football, he has a few friends, he has a good heart, he's extremely bright. He might work on homework slow as molasses, but he understands all concepts without having me explain it to him. He's a great kid.

Okay I feel better after writing this post. I don't hate all writing...I just hate my composition class. Only 9 more weeks. I can do anything for 9 weeks.


Nic said...

9 weeks should be doable. You've kids, and you survived those 9 months. And you are still surviving with trying to raise them, so those 9 weeks should be very doable, just set your mind to it.

Good luck

Mrstx said...

thank you! I'm now writing a riveting piece of work (or piece of trash rather) on the marketing strategy of Abercrombie. Ugh I don't caaaaarrrrreeeeeee about this stupid shiiiiiitttttt! I just want to study for my Anatomy and Physiology class. My professor moved our next exam up a week so that 7 days less to study. I'm trying not to freak out! :D

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