Thursday, April 11, 2013

Summertime is near!

I am a sun worshipping girl from the desert. Born and raised in Arizona for the first 23 years of my life until Jeff's job took our little family to Illinois. I made a soul sister type friend, and gave birth to a beautiful blonde boy but other than that? It sucked ass. I don't like cold weather and being in a tiny farming town in the middle of nowhere was very strange. I honestly remember thinking, "I can't wait until my life isn't on pause anymore!"

Thankfully Jeff took me seriously when I told him to get me outbid that God forsaken town. He found a job in South Texas and I was thrilled! Hot weather! Desert plants! Mountains! Good Mexican food! Okay I was a little disappointed because as my plane was taking its final descent, the landscape was disturbingly green. There were no mountains. I guess i was confusing south Texas fir west Texas. oopsie! The weather was temperate though and I went through a Mexican food drive thru that wasn't Taco Bell. Muy bueno!

We bought a great lil house in the best neighborhood. It came with built in friends for me. My little babies grew up and we added baby Griffin. Well all those babies keep growing and now we have a 10 year old, 8 year old and a 3 year old. Suddenly it feels like we are busting at the seams.

There is no room for shoes (average 3 pairs of shoes for 5 people...that's 15 pairs or 30 damn individual shoes scattered around at any particular moment. I need a mudroom. Well I did the best I could and hung some hooks in the dining room. No office to file bills or tax forms, no room for a desk for the kids to do homework. The list goes on and on.

We house hunted for awhile and we saw some amazing beautiful big and brilliantly laid out homes that I could see myself in. However, my friends don't live next to those houses. These houses had pools and outdoor kitchens for entertaining during the long hot summer. But my kids wouldn't have friends knocking at 9:00am on a summer morning. We decided to stay. Make this house work. We have no family here and my friends are the only people who care about me and my family. That's priceless.

The point of this post is that we are staying in this house...but WE ARE BUILDING A POOL! Holy crap I'm giddy! It's not financially smart because we will never get a return on our investment but I don't care! I'm going to have a pool! In the house that I've outgrown, but on a street that I love! Ack!

HOA approval is on Tuesday and then the excavator comes! I will be tracking progress and obsessing over every detail. Stay tuned!

Btw, the pic is an Instagram pic of my daughter protesting us chopping down her tree. I'll give more details later. :)

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