Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crazy Koupon Lady

My friend recently got me into couponing. Not just the kind of couponing where you save 35 cents on something that you need...but crazy couponing where you stock up on necessities (and not so necessary items) at deep discounts. I'm getting really addicted! This weekend, my total grocery bill between two stores was $577. After coupons I spent $311 and saved $266!!!!! That is with only this weekends Sunday paper...well actually I bought 4 Sunday papers. By spending $8 in newspapers, I saved $266. That's insanity!

Here is the beginning of my 'stockpile'
9 boxes of kelloggs cinnabun cereal
12 gillette mach 3 razors
4 containers of salt
4 boxes of baking soda
10 boxes of jello
4 bottles of All detergent
4 bottles of bronzer lotion (totally not necessary but I like it for my pasty ass legs)
3 cans of salmon
4 cans of pineapple
2 lysol wipes
2 toilet bowl cleaners
40 pudding cups
10 bottles of Fuze flavored water
4 tubs of Philly cooking cream (my new obsession)
12lbs of chicken breast
5lbs of ground turkey
3lbs of deli meat (Jeff doesn't eat carbs so he goes through a ton of meat)
12 bags of frozen veggies
4 bottles of windex
9 packs of cheese (some shredded, some sliced)
3 twelve packs of soda

Whew...that's what I had coupons for/store super sale items. I also bought the regular milk, bread, fruit, crackers etc to pack in the kids lunches. I'm still getting the hang of meal planning and couponing. I must say though that having a ton of meat and frozen veggies keeps it simple. Boring but simple. I just change out a side dish for the kids...tonight it was au gratin potatoes from scratch.

My goal is to save at least 50% off my grocery bill. I saved 46% this time...and I want to do better! Wow, how nerdy am I? :D


AZ Larsens said...

Welcome to the dark side! It's addicting right? But now I look at people shopping who DON'T use coupons and I think they're the crazy ones!

Leah said...

I have always used coupons, but I just don't understand how those people on Extreme Couponing get SO MUCH STUFF for free...? Sigh. I have so much to learn...

KBear said... dumb.. i have no idea where you get these coupon books?! i have never gotten any in the mail...?

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