Wednesday, September 17, 2014

queen of procrastination

Wow...this blog is pretty dusty. It's definitely neglected and I totally blame a virus on my shitty laptop and also facebook. Why take the time to punch out a long blog on my little iphone screen when I can interact with people on facebook? Every time I booted up my laptop, I wanted to throw it though the wall because it's so slow and glitchy. I basically put it in a drawer for two years and survived with just my phone and ipad for everything.

This fall I went back to college. I never graduated in my twenties because oops I got pregnant and wanted to be a stay at home Mom. This surprise blessing I speak of is 12 years old now and in 7th grade. We were sitting at the table doing homework together and she asked me, "Mommy why are you going to college now? Why didnt you graduate when Daddy did?"  Uhhhhmmmmmm, well I uh. Ahem. The real answer is that i got pregnant in college with her, but she still hasn't figured out that I was a pregnant bride and I'd like to keep it that way. My answer was still true...that I wanted to focus on being a Mom, but I didn't go into the details that I was obsessed with my new baby and was so gobsmacked that I made raising my babies my only goal.

Well, I've done it. I am so happy that I raised my babies...but they aren't babies anymore. Last year when the kids were in school, I spent way too much time waiting for them to come home. As summer was ending this year, I felt a heavy weight that they were all going to be in school in a few weeks and I was going to be alone with no idea what to do with myself. I was talking to a friend and she said that she was looking into going back to get her degree. Then it hit me that this was exactly what I needed to do and this was exactly the perfect time to do it.

I want to be a nurse. I have a few prerequisites to complete before I can apply for nursing school, so I am working on that now. One class is compositionzzzzzzzzzzzzz, and the other is Human Anatomy and Physiology. I know it's only 7 credit hours and I could try and I could cram in another class. I must get A's absolutely must get A's to have a chance of acceptance into nursing school. I would rather go slow and take it easy over the next two semesters and have a flawless application, than rush to apply and risk ruining up my grades because I'm overwhelmed. I do still have 3 needy people...sports schedules, tutoring, concerts, etc and so far two classes is just enough for me to not feel like I'm drowning.

Whoa long tangent...I mean to just say that I needed to fix my laptop so i could participate in my online class and submit my papers. One day I fired up the beast, and with the help of a 13 year old boy on youtube, my laptop is now virus free. Yes seriously. I love the internet.

I'm actually supposed to be writing my personal narrative but because I'm a procrastinator, I came to check on the old blog instead. I was about to start freewriting for my paper about my summer vacation (hey all my kids are writing their personal narratives about summer vacation...I'm sure my composition professor will love the 35 year old version!). For our trip, I went with the huz and the kids back 'home' to Arizona and we got stuck there for an extra 10 days. It was the best series of unfortunate events because I got a chance to really slow down and enjoy beautiful magical Arizona. I miss "home" and all of my family so much that it hurts. Jeff and I have talked a lot about it and it's not realistic right now. I will settle for buying an acre of land in Northern AZ by my Moms cabin so that I know someday we will go back.

Whew okay that's all I've got. Gotta write my paper now. :D