Wednesday, May 8, 2013

The big dig and gunite

Last week after a deluge of big Texas spring storms, we had a huge excavator show up at 6:30 in the morning. Because of the huge amount of rain Houston has just received, the bobcat earth mover thing sat parked in the backyard until the project manager could find a dump sit that would accept our fill dirt. Finally at 10am the workers got started. 13 truckloads of dirt later and our yard has been transformed. Within two days, we had crews out to rebar the interior of the pool and another crew out to spray the gunite shell.

The guys did an impeccable job with everything but it hasn't been perfect. For one thing...the pool isn't deep enough. Seriously? I'm over 6 feet tall and I wanted the pool to be 6 1/2 feet deep. It's only 6 feet deep. The pool company offered to dig it deeper but it was after the rebar was laid and on the same morning that the gunite guys were starting arrive. Le sigh. I could have thrown a fit and stalled construction but I decided to let it go. I decided that if that was my big problem in life, then I don't have a problem. I also have an ulterior motive...I want the pool done by June 6th for a last day of school party!

Now we wait. I have to water the gunite a few times per day but they will be starting on tile and coping soon. I can't wait to see all my choices come together.